life is a journey

Microadventure - Heidelberg

I was not going to chicken out again.

The catering was extraordinary.

The weather played along.

The route was slightly less challenging.

And most importantly, I was not alone.

We had planned the trip for a friday, but changed that plan due to the recent heatwave.

On Tuesday at 6 pm we spontaneously decided to start that very evening. It was so freakin' hot that I wouldn't have been able to sleep inside anyways. Unfortunately, we thus missed the sunset.

It got darker really fast, and darkness can be scary on a hill.

Even tiny tea lights can work wonders for your courage.

Reading and sleeping.

Exposure time: 15s. It's pretty dark outside at night.

Still dark.

The next morning. Room with a view...

My new sleeping pad is pretty comfy.


Everybody's still sleeping.

The temperature was rising again. No sleeping bag required.

Good morning!

Soap bubbles.

Childhood was fun!

A nearby memorial. You got to be thankful that we grow up in peace if you read all those names.

Breakfast. Sleeping outside is awesome. And scary. And awesome.

Update: This entry just won a prize. Yay!